Learn Everything About Facebook Messenger Bot ChatBot

Learn Everything About Facebook Messenger Bot | ChatBot

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Facebook Messenger Bot or widely known as ChatBot is a small application that works inside a popular messaging program, in this case, Facebook Messenger ChatBot is the future of tomorrow and soon will replace mobile apps.

What is Facebook Messenger Bot or ChatBot?

Learn Everything About Facebook Messenger Bot | ChatBot

Explaining it to you, Facebook Messenger bot is an automated messaging software that uses AI to have a proper conversation with people.

ChatBots are programmed in such a way that it enables it to understand questions, provide an answer and execute the task.

What are the advantages of Facebook Messenger Bot or ChatBot?

The range of the features that a Facebook Bot provides is limitless. ChatBot from Facebook is the third most used app in the world which is used by almost 70 per cent of the total app users.

One of the important stuff about a ChatBot is that it is so excellent that many users don’t even recognize that they talk to a machine. These small programs answer questions, recommend products and resolve problems, and this is one of the things that makes them so useful.

Here are some of the importance of ChatBots:

Fast to handle and easy to use

ChatBots are easy you use, you can get solution of your problem within some click. When we say ChatBots are easy to use we mean it. These bots are superior than some specalized apps.

In order to use these specialized apps, the user must find the app, wait for it to be installed, and learn how to use it. Although certain consumers may be able to do so, some will actually leave and search around for answers. This is the time where Facebook Messenger Bot or ChatBot some handy.

Feels more like talking to human

In the consumer’s opinion, speaking with a Facebook Messenger Bot or ChatBot is about the same as communicating with a real operator. A user simply types a question in normal language and the bot on the other side provides the answers. This provides feels really having a normal conversation with a person.

It may look simple of the front end, however, the entire programming occurs behind the scenes, while the Facebook chat bot interprets the message, checks the database and provides the user with details from the other hand.

Save time and money

Customers tend to choose 24/7 customer support rather wanting to stay in a hold. The support person can get irritated after getting the same question time and again. Nevertheless, ChatBot seems to act fast and don’t have mood changes too. These tiny things really save time and in long run also saves you some money.

Help in customer engagement

Bots can retain information and you can use these details as an additional milestone.

Instantly, a Facebook Messenger bot can reach people, offering content at the appropriate moment instead of paying for an amount of advertising. In addition, Bots are capable of sending messages or birthday wishes to the customers which seems too much useful and important for customer engagement.

Tools for building Facebook Messenger Bot

It’s always good to have a cutomized form the service you want. There are different tools that let you build your personal bot from the scratch.

Her is the list of some self service tools to create a ChatBot:


ManyChat is all in one solution for all your problems. It’s first free, but you will need to start paying for a Pro account after you hit a certain number of subscribers.

All in all, ManyChat helps to increase your ROI by up to 600% with two-way, interactive conversations that guide product selection and enable customers to make purchases all within Facebook Messenger.


The only bot that captures lead information on first-contact immediately is the Mobile Monkey chatbots.

It is before your bot even says, “Hi,” that name, location and ability to send future messages are captured.


Stream chat is one of the most fundamental chatbot tools. It is intended to be used for simple automation and self-answer, such as off-office answers, or ‘As soon as we can, we’ll get back to you.”


Chatfuel helps to get up to 80% open rates and 10X CTR compared to email with a bot drip campaign and broadcasts. With the Automatic FAQs Feature you can increase customer satisfaction and reduce support costs too.

FAQs: About Facebook Messenger Bot or ChatBot

  1. What is a Facebook Messenger bot?

    Facebook Messenger bot is an automated messaging software that uses AI to have a proper conversation with people.

  2. What are the examples of Facebook Messenger Chatbots?

    Lyft, Fandango, Whole Foods, Woebot and Trulia are some of the examples of Facebook Messenger Bot.

  3. How to create Facebook Messenger Bot?

    1. Sign up for a Chatfuel account or any other service.
    2. Link your Facebook page.
    3. Create a Messenger greeting.
    4. Create a welcome message.
    5. Create a default reply.
    6. Unleash the AI.
    7. Add a Message button to your Facebook page.

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