How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and make money)?

How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and make money)?

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Are you in search of the perfect guide on how to start a blog in 2020? You must be searching for similar topics like how to start blogging for beginners.

Guess what? You have come to the right place. Moreover, you will also learn to make money from it. I am a blogger and content writer since 2012 with a brief experience and knowledge. I belong to the competitive tech world with many successful projects done with ease.

I assume you have done a bit of research on how you can begin a blog. No worries, I will lead to some easy steps on how to start and make money from a blog. This ultimate guide will cover the basic requirement for you to begin a blog. You will learn to choose the right niche and blog name, generate good traffic and get your blog site monetized in the fasted time possible.

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So, let’s not waste any time and get straight into the article.

Disclaimer: Our guide is based on deep research. You can trust me on the merits of the software which I have suggested. For more information, you can always check our website about page.

Easy 11 steps to begin a blog.

How to start a blog and make money? All your confusion and queries will be answered. Here are some easy ways to start a blog.

Pick up your Blog Niche

Niche doesn’t have any specific definition. However, we can say it as a type of category or topic of your blog. Niche varies with the platform you are in. A niche for Youtube won’t work well with the blog. I can explain it to you more simply. For example, your passion is gaming due to this you can start a gaming channel or blog. Here gaming category would be your favorable niche.

How to Start a Blog in 2020 Pick up your Blog Niche

Whether it’s marketing, entertainment, news and events we all know your blog needs a niche. Your topic may be the craziest one, a niche is essential.

We suggest you start a blog that provides you with inner happiness. You must be passionate about your work rather than running after money.

You can ask every single bloggers out there they must have choosen the niche based on their passion, skills and experience.

Setup your blog’s goals

As their is a famous saying, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

A blog without proper goals are worthless.

After you choose a niche, your next task will be to choose the goals of your blog. We admit that content and analysis is necessary. Nevertheless goals, motivation and ideas should always be in the top of your checklist.

How to Start a Blog in 2020 setup your blogs goal

Here are a few examples of some goals you must set up before you start your blog:

  • Write and publish your first five blog posts of 2,000+ words.
  • Complete About Me page.
  • Publish five guest posts.
  • Get 2,000 blog site visitors/month.
  • Get 300 people in my email list.
  • Obtain good quality backlinks.

Domain Name and Extension

Both domain name and extension represent your website. So, you must think deeply before you choose the perfect match for your niche and requirement.

Choose a favourable Blog’s Domain name

After you finish up selecting a suitable plan for your blog, it the time for you to choose an ideal domain name to start a blog. I repeat this step is crucial, a domain name really plays a vital role for your blog to perform.

Can I choose personal name as a domain name?

Many people choose to have their personal names used. Personal contexts are more versatile than niche-based ones. Several times bloggers need to change their blog name according to their blogging niche’s evolving scenario. Nevertheless, having a personal blog name would help a lot to tackle those mistakes.

Key factor to consider When you choose a domain name

  • Your domain name shouldn’t be complex and must be easy to remember.
  • Make the name easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Do not use numbers and hyphens in your domain, as this can confuse people.
  • Choose your domain name that represents your niche.

Blogging for Beginners: Choosing a Domain Extensions

Here are tips about blogging for beginners, your domain extension is the main factor to distinguish the standard of your website. Here are the different types of domain name: .com, .org, .co, etc.

Here’s how, on a scale of 1 – 5, internet users view some of the top-level domains:

How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and make money)? 1

3. Get Your blog online (web hosting and blogging platform)

You may be in a dilemma on how to choose a blogging platform. To begin your blog, a website management tool is essential. In this step, you will select the web-hosting and blogging platform to make your blog online.

What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is an Internet hosting service that makes your web site accessible to persons and companies through the World Wide Web.

What’s the best web hosting service to use?

You can host your blog on a budget with many great Web-Hosting providers. Whichever you choose, you should look for a company that gives priority to speed, reliability, protection, support and a consistent track record.

If you really ask me about the best hosting provider, I would strongly recommend Bluehost. Here is a link to Bluehost, do give it a try.

Choose a suitable plan ( Bluehost )

First of all, you’ll select a hosting package. Personally I advise that you select a Choice Plus package because it provides Domain Privacy that will shield your personal details from being published anywhere online. This plan will safeguard your personal details like your full name, your mail address, your telephone number and home address.


The plan I suggested would be an ideal package for you. You can always check the official site of Bluehost for their plan. The next step for starting a blog would be choosing an ideal Blog’s Domain name.

Enter Your Domain Name

We have already guided you through a procedure to choose a perfect domain name for you. So, we assume you are done with choosing the domain name.

Now, after choosing your hosting package, you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be asked to enter your custom domain name.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Enter Your Domain Name.png

You can choose a custom domain name or enter your own domain only if you have an existing one.

Moreover, Bluehost is always there to help you by suggesting you a favourable domain name.

Enter your account information

After you are done with the domain name, you need to fill up information to start a blog.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020 Blogging for beginners Enter your account information.

And, to complete your blog hosting setup, click Create your password.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020 Blogging for beginners Enter your account information.

That’s it, you have nearly completed the guide for blogging for beginners. For now, you will learn how to install a blogging platform on your website.

Install Content Management System (CMS)

Your blog platform is where your blog posts will be posted, personalized, and published. You’ll need something user-friendly, strong, and affordable.

List of famous Content Management System


 In simple words, WordPress is your website’s operating system that runs 52% of all websites. WordPress is free. You can download it right now with no money involved at all. This CMS is modern, versatile, open-source, accessible and user-friendly.


Wix is an all-in-one website builder, perfect for beginners and non-coders. Wix everything comes integrated and ready to start building. It allows you to quickly and easily build a professional web site with preconceptions templates, integrated security and in-house features.


Drupal is a free Content Management System (CMS) open source with a wide, supportive community. It is used to construct and maintain its websites by millions of people and organizations worldwide.


Squarespace is a New York-based for-profit company based in Software as a Service (or SaaS). You will need online access to a web building platform on your browser in order to use their service, like any other site. You can purchase a monthly subscription too.


Joomla is a content management system open source that allows you to construct websites and powerful online applications. The winning website software includes easy-to-use features and is open to all. Joomla is written in PHP for web content management and is stored using a MySQL database. Joomla!-Joomla! The General Public License of GNU is published.

Here is where WordPress comes in shine.

WordPress is a free, open-source Content Management System written in PHP and coupled with a database of MySQL or MariaDB.

Biggest reason to choose WordPress as your blogging platform.

Start your blog by adding WordPress

After you finish up creating your new password, you can simply click Log In.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Start your blog by adding WordPress Install WordPress

You will many blog design options, but simply scroll to the bottom and click Skip This Step. We will explain to you the reason to do this.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Start your blog by adding WordPress Install WordPress

Congrats to you! WordPress is now up and running. To access your latest blogging dashboard, simply press Start Building.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Start your blog by adding WordPress Install WordPress

Setup initial setting for WordPress

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Pick a theme to start a blog for free

Did you hit that Star building button? Let’s continue further.

WordPress will ask you about the type of website do you want your blog to be. You can just skip that.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Pick a theme to start a blog for free

Now Please !! Enter “Domain Title” and “Domain Definition.”

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Pick a theme to start a blog for free

By this time, you must be in the layout selection page. You can choose either from them. We wil skip this step for now.

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020  Blogging for beginners Pick a theme to start a blog for free

Pick a nice theme for your blog

Now that you have done all the setup work, you can jump into installing your theme. This is necessary for you to start a blog.

What is a Theme?

A WordPress theme changes the design of your website, often including its layout. 

There is a default theme by WordPress. The tab on the left side is the customization section which helps in changing the style of your website. You may be in a screen like this:

How to Start a Blog for free in 2020 Blogging for beginners Pick a theme to start a blog for free

The uses of appearance editor or customize option:

  • You can edit your business name, logo and other navigation items.
  • You can select the fonts, arrows, blocks and other colours.
  • You can change the menu navigation and layout of which pages you want to include.
  • Additional CSS – this is where you can use your theme editor files to put custom CSS and play with codes.

Blog Design Principles

There are some principles you should know before you begin to write a blog. Don’t worry we are here to help you with perfect guidelines for you to start a blog for free.

  • The fonts should be understandable and easy to read, between 14 and 17 scales. You should also have menu navigation that looks fantastic on your desktop and phones.
  • Your blog website must have a user-friendly and organized layout because websites with a poorly structured layout are hard to navigate.
  • You don’t really need to spend money downloading a paid theme. If you consider the one you want is free,  make sure that it looks good, loads quickly and readers can easily access information.
  • A blog should be uncomplicated and highly functional.

Install a theme to start a blog

It’s easy to make your website or blog look beautiful. It takes just some minutes.

First of all you need to log in to your WordPress account or admin page.

The default format of the URL to get into your admin page is:

Pick a nice theme for your blog

Next, in your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes.

Next, click the Upload button

After this click on Add New.

Pick a nice theme for your blog

If you like a particular theme, you can click on the “Install” button.

Pick a nice theme for your blog

There are plenty of websites, such as GeneratePress, StudoPress and CSSIgniter, where you can buy a paid topic if you don’t want to use a stock WordPress theme. A zip file is sent via email when you purchase a theme.

All you have to do to install this external theme is going to “Appearance” – “Themes” and select “Add New,” upload the zip file and select Install.

Pick a nice theme for your blog

That’s all on installing a theme. Here are tips for you to choose the right theme.

Bonus tips on choosing the right theme

  • Read the explanations of the various WordPress themes to get a sense for their functionality.
  • Choose a responsive theme.
  • Make sure you check the reviews of the theme you plan to download.
  • Make sure you check every demo or preview before downloading a theme.

Here some other websites for WordPress theme download:

Install necessary WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins are special software that integrate with WordPress to add functionality and feature.

WordPress provides thousands of extensions, from email marketing and schedule incorporation to opt-in methods and resources for a range of features.

List of basic WordPress Plugins

You might wonder what are the basic Plugins that need to be installed. Here is my list of Publigins to start a blog for free.

WP Rocket
List of basic WordPress Plugins WP Rocket

WP Rocket is an efficient cache plug-in for speeding up load times. That is achieved by making dynamically created cache copies of any page on your website such that your servers have to do less work.

List of basic WordPress Plugins Jetpack

For your WordPress blog, Jetpack delivers a collection of strong apps. This plugin provides enhanced protection, enhanced website performance, a broad variety of content resources and visitor engagement functionality.

Google XML Sitemaps
List of basic WordPress Plugins Google XML Sitemaps

This convincing plugin creates an XML sitemap for your web automatically. XML sitemap is essential to boost the indexation of your blog by search engine.

Easy Table of Contents
How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and make money)? 4

An easy-to-use, responsive plugin that allows you to embed a table of contents on your blogs, pages and styles of custom articles.

Elementor Pro
Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is the strongest creator of WordPress landing page, and it is my home page and some other page building tool. They have a free Elementor edition, but with far better temperatures, the Pro version brings it to the next stage.

SEO Plugin (YOAST/Rank Math)
SEO Plugin YOAST & Rank Maths

The optimisation of the search engine is a method of growing internet travel in quality and quantity by growing the accessibility of consumers of a domain or an internet.

Rank Math and Yoast are some of the best SEO Plugin I can recommend. Do check them out.

Set up your Blog’s SEO and permalink structure

The URLs of the blog posts and websites are a very critical aspect of rating. 

Set up your Blog’s SEO and permalink structure

The text after .com is the permalink. Permalinks are persistent hyperlinks that direct the viewers to a single webpage.

“” This is the default permalink in WordPress.

It is not only unattractive but, from an SEO point of view, is not  good. 

Make sure you have a clear permalink structure before you start writing your blog material.

Set up your Blog’s SEO and permalink structure

You can choose the “Post name” or “Custom” structures below.

How to Start a Blog in 2020 (and make money)? 5

Make sure to save the changes before you leave.

You bought web hosting, set up your domain, configured your theme and your WordPress plugins, and configured SEO permalinks on your website.

Now is the time to compose and publish your first post.

Write and publish the first amazing blog

So, your blog has been setup. Congratulations to you!

Now is the time to begin the blogging business. And that’s to post the first post on the web. Blogging for beginners has just got easier now.

For creating a blog post, you have to go: Dashboard → Post → Add New

What to Write in Your First Blog Post?

Before you start a blog, you must learn to compile ideas.

Start making notes and point out all the ideas that come in your mind. I personally use Google Keep. It is easy, flexible and functional.

Target the Audience

Please ensure to put yourself in your readers’ shoes and ask yourself the relevant questions before creating your blog content.

You may also check your e-mail list and ask what you want to write about if you already have a blog. This is an excellent means of interacting with your fans, understanding their struggles better and making them part of your process.

Pillar Content for your blog

It’s a tip for beginners that it doesn’t matter how good your content is, if you haven’t done research with the targeted keyword.

Here are some rules or guidelines you must keep in mind before you start to write a blog:

  • Place the keyword on the permanent URL of your blog.
  • Write the post’s description with the keyword.
  • In the first line, add the keyword.
  • Enter your H2 headings with the keyword inside queries.
  • In your text, apply the keyword 6-10 times depending on the length of your post.

When you have a sample of the top 5 to 10 keywords, it’s a smart time to start writing.

Audio, video, photos and other types of vision content, along with text, perform the best of blog posts in addition to text.

Know Your TOP Competitors

Here are the tools that are useful. Don’t be frightened to use them

I like to freely use SpyFu tool

After you finish up your registration, you can input each of your competitors.

Optimize your content

Organic search rankings take time, therefore, don’t be afraid to hit the publish button and return later to edit your post.

To find related keywords, which are close variations of the target keyword, use a tool such as Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

For example, if your principal keyword is content writing, other H2 headings could be:

  • Content writing guide.
  • How to learn content writing?

You begin to classify hundreds, if not thousands, of closely related variations by addressing one keyword.

Nobody looks for precisely the same thing – you should understand how the search volume is variable.

Increase your outreach

The next step is to market yourself and maximize your commitment. Strong relationships with other websites continue to be the only road towards long-term sustainability.

For that to happen, you must use various networks and modes of communicating – primarily e-mail and LinkedIn. Search your niche for blogs from the high domain authority (DA).

Wrapping Up and What’s Next, Now?

I’ve made mistakes.

Although I have familiarity with IT, and for more than 4 years I have been creating content and encouraging contents and their creation, I have created such errors anyway.

Therefore, don’t worry for mistake. This is only the way you can learn how to start a blog. I hope that you would like this post, and maybe that will motivate you today to create your new empire.

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